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How Many Puppies Do Huskies Have?

Updated February 11, 2023
siberian husky puppies together in a basket

Siberian Huskies are working dogs and usually, they are medium-sized. They are well-known for their exceptional work ethic and amazing endurance. If you are preparing for your husky's breeding, which is one of the most important events for you and your dog, you should know how many puppies huskies have.

A Siberian Husky in good health will typically have between four and six puppies in a litter. However, this is not an exact number; sometimes a Husky may have fewer than four or more than six puppies in a litter. You can know the exact number for sure if you ask your vet to examine and estimate how many puppies your Husky is going to have.

How Many Puppies Do Huskies Actually Have?

Siberian Huskies have seven fertile years in their lifetime, and experts recommend not having more than four litters from a female husky. If a breeder is careful and waits about eighteen months between each breeding, a husky mama can give four litters during her lifetime.

Here's an example calculation that you can use to estimate.

If a husky is going to have six puppies as the highest number of puppies in a litter, it will have a maximum of 24 puppies in her lifetime.

Remember, if your husky is pregnant, you have to make sure to be gentle and try to keep her healthy.

A healthy diet helps a husky have healthy puppies. You can contact a vet to create a diet chart for your pregnant husky. Normally, huskies' gestation periods are around 63 days. After 45 days of your husky's pregnancy, you can arrange an X-ray and get a clear indication of how many puppies she is going to have.

When your husky's pregnancy period is at 4-5 weeks, you can feel her puppies. If you try to observe closely, you will be able to see the puppies move. And if you touch your husky's uterus area, you will be able to feel the movement of its puppies. This is amazing!

Normally, newborn huskies reach their adult size at 12 months, but they continue to grow until the second year. For some male huskies, it can take up to 36 months to reach their full size. Huskies continue to develop emotionally and intellectually until they are two years old. Your huskies are considered adult dogs if they are between one and seven years old; if they are seven years old, they are considered senior dogs.

Apart from these, there are some additional factors that can also affect the litter size of your husky.

Some Factors Affecting Litter Size of Huskies

  • If your husky's mama dog had a small or large litter, it does not necessarily mean that your husky will have the same litter size, as this is not an inherited trait.
  • The litter size for an obese dog is usually smaller.
  • If your husky is younger, it will have a smaller litter, but if it is older than 3-5 years, it will have a larger litter and more puppies.
  • Your husky's physical size can help estimate litter size; smaller dogs normally have a smaller litter, while larger breeds have a larger litter.

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