Can Dogs Have Oatmeal? Explained + Important Facts

Updated May 10, 2021
oatmeal cookies with whole oats around them

Oats are among the healthiest and most popular breakfast items out there in the whole world.  It offers a lot of health benefits and nutrients that over time the popularity of this serial is increasing greatly.  But the question is, Can dogs have oatmeal? Among so many food items that you cannot give to your dogs, is it healthy for your dogs?

Can Dogs Have Oatmeal?

Well, the quick answer is, yes, you can give it to your dog. Your dog can also be benefited from countless health benefits offered by oats but if given in a moderate amount.

Now, let’s have a quick look at how oats benefit your dog friends and how should you feed your dog without.

The benefits of oatmeal for dogs

  • Oatmeal is reasonably high in fiber contents and other necessary nutrients and antioxidants. You may know that some dogs can be allergic are sensitive to wheat or other kinds of grains.  For those dogs, oats serve as a great alternative option that can fulfill, they are carbohydrate demand.
  • Again, focusing on the fiber content of oats, oats contain a generous amount of soluble fiber that can help dogs in two ways.
  • Firstly, some dogs especially the older ones who have some trouble in bowel movements that can be benefited from oats greatly and by giving them oats in a moderate amount, you can help them in relieving their irregular bowel movements.
  • Secondly the fiber content supports can also regulate the glucose levels of the blood of your dogs.
  • Oats also contain a type of omega 6 fatty acid let me keep the skin of your dog’s healthy.
  • Some suggest that as oatmeal help us, humans, to lower our cholesterol levels similarly they may also help dogs just like a human.

How should you feed your dog oatmeal?

There are some factors that you should remember when giving for sharing oatmeal for your dog.

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Firstly, you must cook the oatmeal properly. But you should avoid using extra sugar a diary while preparing the oatmeal. Because dairy products and extra sugar can cause digestive problems to your dog. Moreover, you should avoid using flavored oatmeal as they are manufactured with higher amounts of sugar sweeteners that may not be suitable for your dog.

It is also suggested that you should not use products like instant oatmeal because the instant ones are highly process and they lose a significant portion of their nutritional value while being processed. The least process the oatmeal is the greater the nutritional value it provides. You should always look for the whole oats as they contain more nutrients.

How much oatmeal can I give my dog?

Never give too much oatmeal to your dog. As oatmeal contains lots of carbohydrates, they already contain enough calories. If you give a higher amount of carbohydrates to your dog, your dog may face symptoms like vomiting or bloating. You can give your dog one spoonful of oatmeal with the regular food once in a while.

Remember, it is very important to keep your dog on a nutrient-balanced diet and oatmeal would just serve as a supplement sometimes, not as a sole regular food for your dog.

Can my dog eat oatmeal?

Well, the quick answer is, yes, you can give it to your dog. Your dog can also be benefited from countless health benefits offered by oats but if given in a moderate amount.

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